Stress and Pain Relief Stone Massage
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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Geo-Thermal Therapy  - $80.00  Sessions last 1 to 1 1/2 hours (so please plan your schedule accordingly) depending upon Client specific needs and the warm and cool, gem and mineral stones' energetic intensity.  It is all about relationship; each session is unique to it's participants, the particular stones selected for best effect which may also be combined with Myofascial Release Therapy  (gently stretches, balances, and unwinds the connective tissue (fascia) that forms an interconnected web of support throughout the body. Helps to release tensions, chronic tightness and adhesions which can cause limited motion and pain, and has been found a most comforting treatment for sports injuries, accidents, surgery, and trauma).   Combining these effective therapies for balancing, stress or pain relief, deep tissue or gentle soothing massage for the particular health issue, each session is offered with the principal/prayer/intention as mentored from 7 generations of Lakota-Dakota Stonewalkers' "medicine" way, which is based on the understanding and practice of balance, harmony, abundance, peace - Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota - we are all related).  Highly recommended as part of an ongoing wellness program for stress and pain management. 

Aromatherapy (Essential Oils) - Add $30.00 to any treatment. Blended with Jojoba oil, these earth fragrances, natural calming gifts from the rooted ones, are selected to your needs, and included with any treatment to further enhance relaxation and the most healthful healing properties of your stone spa visit.  Please ask by advance request with your Geo-Thermal Therapy appointment so that these may be thoughtfully custom blended specifically for you in advance.  

Chair Stone Therapy $60.00  - This is uniquely the best massage one can receive with clothes on! 
The perfect treatment for those on a time schedule, the elderly, the modest. While reclining fully clothed, face up in a Chair (with feet elevated) you receive focused effective benefits of your Geo-Thermal session on upper back, neck, face, hands, lower legs and feet.  Warm and Cool, gem and mineral stone treatment works through comfortable clothing (one needs only remove shoes/socks).  

Rain Bath Therapy $125.00 -  Rain Bath is a massage, stone and plant healing celebration.           Clients have reportedly left these sessions feeling "as if on eagles' wings." A most memorable experience - the Artful application of smooth stones becomes a gentle and magnificent journey, traveled with 7 layers of essential oil aromatherapy. Similar to today's exclusive spa menu "Rain Drop" item, this is the "original" combined with the energy of stones, an experience in a class all it's own as traditionally trained by it's ancient Dakota-Lakota practitioners.    The stone layout and the added random pattern of the aromatherapy rain drops helps call the plant scented oils' energy to the areas of the body where most needed, coordinating with each breath taken to increase the effectiveness of their energies.

Ear Candeling $60.00 - A global practice - ancient rite of earwax removal which many claim facilitates improved hearing, deep relaxation and balance.   

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